7. Juni: CSX Netzwerk – business done differently – diverse and sustainable economic practices

7. Juni (16-17:30 Uhr), Online (in englischer Sprache/will be hold in English)

Vortrag von unserem Netzwerk-Mitglied Florian Koch im Rahmen der Reihe “Diverse Forms of Sustainable Economic Practices” der University of Kiel‘s School of Sustainability in Kooperation mit yooweedoo Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Waterkant. 

“Existing economic practices are far more diverse than the currently still dominant growth paradigm suggests. Change is happening on different levels and in different (legal) forms. Initiatives of various scales aim at transforming the system to become more inclusive, sustainable, just. Thereby, they use different transformation strategies and entry points to actively do economics differently. In this second part we will learn about the CSX Netzwerk.

[…] Florian will accompany us on a journey through a community supported economy (CSX). We will learn what CSX is all about, its underlying ideas and principles, in what way it is radically different to today’s traditional market economy and what CSX can look like in practice by showing different CSX organizations.

Florian is one of the founding members of the CSX Netzwerk e.V. in which practicioners, scientists, consultants and others collecticely seek to find ways of transferring the proven principles of community supported agriculture to other economic sectors. As a doctoral candidate at the University of Jena and as organizational consultant, Florian explores favorable mental and cultural conditions for processes of social-ecological transformation and regards CSX as one promising path that is worth following to see where it leads.”

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